OCTOBER 30, 2018

The More, the Smellier

Awhile back, I did a walk-through for a rural home located in the mountains. When I walked into the property, I had to cover my mouth with my clipboard and pretend I was yawning to hide my gagging. The smell was unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before. Over the years, they’d taken in quite a few feral cats. And by a few I mean at least a dozen. To accommodate for the number of felines that came and went from the property, they’d built a litter-box the size of a horse trough. I measured it, it was exactly six feet long, and it looked as if it hadn’t been cleaned out in months. Cat feces peppered the floor throughout the entire house. I had to watch my step the entire time I was there. The owners behaved as if nothing was abnormal about their living situation. I left that place as fast as I could and retched behind my car.

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